Thursday, June 5, 2014

B Crafts: Jeweled Leather Sandals DIY

It's common knowledge by now that I'm addicted to all things shiny. That's precisely why I fell in love with these J. Crew jeweled sandals and these Marni embellished sandals. Both pairs sported quite a hefty price tag and since I prefer to be judicious with my pricey shoe purchases, I decided to recreate the look with a DIY instead.

Things You'll Need:

  • Leather / Faux leather sandals (I scored these for $12 at Forever 21!)
  • Clear gemstones 
  • Craft adhesive


  • If you're particularly OCD, I suggest laying out the stones first to get a sense of what you'd like it to look like. 
  • I considered a symmetrical layout, but opted instead for a more hodgepodge look--live your dream!
  • Try to work quickly--the glue gets tacky fast and starts to make a mess. (Thus helpful to get an idea of the layout first.)
  • Let dry for at least 48 hours before wearing. 

While I'm not usually a huge fan of flats, the extra sparkle adds just the right pep to my step. And really, I love just about any excuse for new footwear.

Thanks for reading y'all!


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