Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Floral Romper


Romper: Yumi Kim from Revolve Clothing // Shoes: Zara // Bag: Coach // Sunglasses: Karen Walker

In prepping for my recent SF-Napa trip, I became absolutely obsessed with the idea of a floral romper. My very extensive search led me to Yumi Kim--adorable floral-prints galore! 

While I was pretty set on wearing this in Napa, reality came crashing down when I realized that going to the bathroom in a romper is very problematic because you have to take off the whole darn thing. Sure, as a grown woman, I normally don't have trouble getting dressed and undressed, but after a few wine's a whole other story. I imagine that the more glasses of wine one has, the more difficult it is to maneuver a romper in a bathroom stall.

I ended up wearing it around town during our day jaunt around Carmel--less potty breaks, less romper drama. 

And then I found a hot pink bench, so life worked out just fine.

Thanks for reading y'all!


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