Friday, May 16, 2014

B Vacays: Monterey & Carmel-by-the-Sea

After a hectic last few months, I was ever so grateful to escape work for a wee bit on a quick trip up the coast. We opted for the scenic route, driving up the Pacific Coast Highway and the views were absolutely spectacular. It added another few hours to the drive but it was well worth it--a once in a lifetime experience for sure.

First stop on our trip was Monterey/Carmel-by-the-Sea. I've heard such lovely things about the area, so I really wanted us to start our road trip there. We got in late Thursday night and spent all of Friday exploring the area (sporting this romper, no less). Seeing as no Bernikins trip is complete without a wine tasting, we opted for Caraccioli Cellars. Their sparkling wines were some of my favorite from the entire trip and everyone we worked with in the tasting room was an absolute delight. If you're ever in the Carmel area, I highly recommend checking them out!

And by sheer serendipity, my sweet friend Kathleen (the fab lady behind this awesome blog) happened to also be vacationing in the area. Talk about wonderful coincidences! We all ended up at Mundaka for a double-date dinner--delicious tapas, mind-boggingly good paella. Seriously. I haven't had paella this good since I lived in Madrid!

We had such a great time, we're already dreaming of our next trip back. Happy Friday, thanks for reading y'all!


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