Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Birthday Surprise

So my birthday is just around the corner (I turn twenty-faux) and the man friend surprised me with one of the best birthday presents OF ALL TIME. 

So a little back story, I love little dogs. I'm pretty obsessed with my Shih Tzu and Min Pin, little gems who live with my mom. The man friend, on the other hand, has always expressed his dislike of "yappy little dogs"--his words not mine.

Imagine my sheer surprise when he announced to me one evening that I was getting a sweet puppy for my birthday!

Everyone, meet Sophie. She's a cuddle monster and the sweetest pup we could have ever hoped for. Just a week with us and she's already mostly potty trained!


Follow Sophie's (and mine too) escapades on Instagram @bernicetheshoeaddict.

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