Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Life Lately

Strawberry margaritas at lunch with the gang.
Back at my Alma Mater, Hendrix College. Reunions call for sassy footwear. :)

An absolutely delicious lemon drop martini at Boulevard.

San Francisco has beautiful murals all over the city, like this on in Little Italy.

Golden Gate!

Napa Valley vineyards with the bestie for her birthday. Such fun!

Birthday dinner at Hurley's in Napa Valley.

New J. Crew necklace. Turquoise seems rather fitting for summer.

There's nothing like San Francisco architecture to make my heart flutter.

A tour at Pride Vineyards. The wine was just delightful!

Muir Woods for an afternoon stroll.

Some things I picked up from the Privet House for Target collection.

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  1. awh im so jelly! haha btw when will you be doing a blog sell?:)