Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mono Mint


silk top: Banana Republic
mint green pleated skirt: Zara (available here)
gold wedges: Zara
bracelet: Express
black shoulder bag: Charles & Keith

I was actually at Zara on the hunt for colored denim--red or green please!--but this pleated skirt was just too cute to resist.

And yes, I have an addiction to Zara heels. Le sigh. I had my eye on these gold wedges for quite a while but managed to hold out...for a few weeks. They just reminded me too much of these gold YSL wedges for me to resist.


  1. Please reply! or email me at adelineyeh1214@hotmail.com
    i have been searching for these for so long!
    what is the exact name for these?

  2. and i live in the california, US!
    please tell me where you bought yours!

  3. they are sold out on the zara website too!:(

    1. Hi Adeline! I picked these up at Zara's online store about two months ago. Sorry to hear that they seem to have sold out online! Perhaps you might have some luck on eBay? I was just in the San Francisco store last weekend and didn't see them either... :(

      Happy hunting and let me know if you find them!

  4. Hi! i have searched everywhere but i can not find them:( Do you know where else sells them? and i am just wondering, What size do you wear? are you willing to sell them to me?
    please email me at adelineyeh1214@hotmail.com
    Please reply! Thank you!

  5. Hello, what is the name of this zara wedge called? :O

    1. Hi Jasmine! I don't remember what this particular pair of Zara shoes were called but I bought them quite a while back... Have you seen Zara's new collection though? So many cute options!