Thursday, January 12, 2012

Live Blogging 'Project Runway: All Stars' Episode 2

- Yay evening wear! Yay Badgley Mischka!

- I have way high expectations for Austin on this challenge. Ball gowns? Opera? Done son.

- Is Michael Costello seriously not gay?!

- On a side note: I'm also simultaneously watching Pretty Woman. Favorite Julia Roberts film of all time. Notting Hill doesn't even come close.

- Where is Mood mascot, Swatch?

- Okay, y'all. Quit fighting about the red. Have you heard of Valentino? Did he rip you off too, Michael?

- Doesn't Michael's sketch look like the gold Marchesa dress that Jennifer Lopez wore to the 2009 Golden Globes? Wonder how Georgina Chapman is going to feel about this...

- I'm really not a fan of Rami's color choice. I love Schiaparelli pink and all but on a gown? I think not...

- On the flip side: I love Austin's color scheme. (OMG, Joanna that's what I said!)

- I'm going to admit it... Michael's design at this point is kind of tres chic.

- Sweet P. It's the opera, not a fiesta.

- Yayyyyyy Austin! 

- I know I'm not the only want that wants Anthony's Mood shirt.

- These designers need to stop throwing the word "couture" around like it's nothing. Aaron hand-sewed my toga junior year...that don't make it couture. (OMG, Anthony that's what I said!)

-  When is Kara Janx ever at full speed?

- Channel Angelina Jolie? I haven't even seen the dress and I already hate it. (Team Aniston 4eva!)

- I'm still hoping that Heidi pops out from behind that screen. :( I miss that German glamazon.

- Are you fucking kidding me, Kenley? I hate that bow.

- Is it just me, or does Rami's model look wide?

- What the hell are those shoes on Mila's model?

- Oh my, Mondo. That's a serious train.

- I love Jerell's dress. But she looks a little pregnant...

- Someone please explain to me Anthony's styling.

- Damn, Austin can tailor clothes.

- That ombre effect on April's dress is kind of kickass. 

- Okay yeah. Michael's dress is totally cute. But maybe a little too sexy for the opera, non?

- Y'all. I think Sweet P is going home.


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