Thursday, January 5, 2012

Live Blogging 'Project Runway: All Stars' Episode 1

- How fabulous is Austin's hair?

- Why does Kara Janx pronounce Marie Claire in the most bizarre way?

- I'm really excited for Isaac Mizrahi to be a guest judge. He's going to bring bitchy to a whole new level.

- I miss Heidi already.

- I want to see Austin and Kenley in an epic bitch fight.

- Oh my, Kenley. A mermaid silhouette with tulle? How surprising.

- Yes, Anthony's opening dress is accented with a bejeweled safety pin. Game ON people.

- Why was that first runway show so fast?! Or is my jet lag speeding up time?

- Michael Costello has not gotten more eloquent with age.

- Valentino and his parter are just as orange as those throw pillows.

- Austin's mustache is kind of freaking me out.

- There needs to be a book of all the funny shit that Anthony Williams says.

- I'm going to spit on someone and call it a blessing mark. Wish me luck.

- You shut your mouth Michael Costello. Don't talk about my Austin that way.

- What the hell is wrong with Elisa?

- Rami looks pretty determined not to do any Grecian draping this season.

- Was it evil to put the two mop dresses back-to-back? Or evil genius.

- I feel like the judges' commentary was at warped speed. SLOW DOWN.

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