Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Live on the Edge.

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I've never considered myself as much of a dare-devil, but according to the New York Times, I'm living on the edge.

So according to the article, "A Scientific Look at the Dangers of High Heels," women who are habitual heel-wearers are causing long-term damage to their feet and leg muscles. In fact, women that wear heels regularly are generally less efficient walkers even when we don't have heels on!

“In a person who wears heels most of her working week,” Dr. Cronin says, the foot and leg positioning in heels “becomes the new default position for the joints and the structures within. Any change to this default setting,” he says, like pulling on Keds or Crocs, constitutes “a novel environment, which could increase injury risk.”

Could y'all really imagine me in Crocs? ;)

It was certainly an interesting read. See the full article here.

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