Friday, December 9, 2011

Wrapped in Stripes

striped top- Forever 21
gray sweater- Banana Republic
skinny jeans- Madewell
platform sandals- Nine West
floral headband- Accessorize
tote- Phillip Lim

Remember when Blair Waldorf was rocking those wicked headbands on Gossip Girl and it seemed like you couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting someone with floral headgear on? Well I do. And boy was I eager to tap into the raging trend. Result: I have an embarrassing amount of floral-accented headbands that are sitting in a box under my bed.

In a joint effort to shop my own closet and give the top knot another try, I opted for a high loose bun paired with a navy blue satin floral headband. What do you think y'all? Does it work or do I just look like a grown woman trying to look like this:
The jury is still out.

Fun fact: Aaron almost got run over by a car while taking the last two pictures. Now that's dedication.

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