Tuesday, December 27, 2011


1. Sequins + Peter Pan collar = LOVE
2. New clutch, complete with gold chain handle.
3. The sunny beaches of Krabi.
4. Prints galore. I managed to nab a few great pieces from my favorite boutique.
5. Meow. Can't wait to wear these babies out for girl's night out.
6. Finally got to try out the half-moon manicure. It was love at first sight.
7. No trip would be complete without a few dress purchases! I even found a maxi dress that didn't make me look like an elf.
8. Belle Belle says hello readers!

Monique Lhuillier Pre-Fall 2012

Images courtesy of style.com

Monique Lhullier's pre-fall 2012 collection was downright lovely. From the romantic lace detailing to the deep purples to the show-stopping gowns, I complete fell in love with the entire collection. It was classic feminism at its best, from the fit-and-flare silhouettes to the luxe saturated shades.

What did you think of the collection?

Monday, December 12, 2011

Top Tier

 purple top: American Eagle
tiered ruffle skirt: Forever 21
clutch: Charles & Keith
shoes: Steve Madden
bracelets: J. Crew, Forever 21, boutique
It's safe to say that my style aesthetic is pretty damn girly. Flowers? Done. Pink? Done. Ruffles? DONE.

Also, while I do love those Steve Madden heels because they get me to normal people height, they are killer. Every time I wear them, I come dangerously close to severely twisting my ankle. Passion for fashion, y'all. 

Hope y'all had a good weekend!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekend Wish List

Net-a-Porter/Bauble Bar/Kate Spade/Amazon/Nordstrom/Heels.com

1. Luxe polka-dot sleepshirt from J. Crew. Talk about sweet dreams.

2. I have a thing for stacked bracelets. At only $28, it's a great bargain from BaubleBar!

3. Our gadgets need a little accessory-lovin' too. I'm majorly crushing on the cute laptop sleeves from Kate Spade.

4. I've been obsessed with Sleeping At Last's newest album. Perfect work music.

5. I'm on a perpetual hunt for the perfect red lipstick. Nars' Heat Wave is next on my to-try list.

6. I'm already shopping for summer shoes already. Sick, I know. But how adorable are these coral sandals?!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

On Vacation

So in lieu of the holiday season and my traveling home, blog posts might get slightly irregular. Sorry, peeps. But y'all are going to be far too busy doing last-minute shopping and feasting on sweet holiday treats, right? ;)

Stay tuned for pics of last night at the SF ballet with the gay hubby! (Preview: It was Family night and Bernikins + masses of small children do not mix well.)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Wrapped in Stripes

striped top- Forever 21
gray sweater- Banana Republic
skinny jeans- Madewell
platform sandals- Nine West
floral headband- Accessorize
tote- Phillip Lim

Remember when Blair Waldorf was rocking those wicked headbands on Gossip Girl and it seemed like you couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting someone with floral headgear on? Well I do. And boy was I eager to tap into the raging trend. Result: I have an embarrassing amount of floral-accented headbands that are sitting in a box under my bed.

In a joint effort to shop my own closet and give the top knot another try, I opted for a high loose bun paired with a navy blue satin floral headband. What do you think y'all? Does it work or do I just look like a grown woman trying to look like this:
The jury is still out.

Fun fact: Aaron almost got run over by a car while taking the last two pictures. Now that's dedication.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


silk top- Banana Republic
tweed jacket- Gap
skinny jeans- Gap
purse- Coach
platform sandals- Zara

Tweed jackets remind me of Dolores Umbridge. Which might explain my tendency to pair them with skinny jeans in order to avoid any possible cat-lady references.

Also, please don't mind my pathetic attempt at a top-knot. I tried y'all. I tried.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lace Case

lace top- Forever 21
necklace- Accessorize 
jeans- Gap
trench- Banana Republic
heels- Charles & Keith
clutch- Anthropologie

I was in a particularly romantic mood this weekend, thus the lace top and the floral necklace.

I got the necklace on my 21st birthday when I was studying at Oxford. Wearing it always reminds me of how amazing that entire experience was. I love that certain clothing items can do that for me—evoke a distinct happy memory. :)

A view of Oxford-town.

Happy Hump Day y'all!

Girl Crush: Cathy Horyn

 Cathy Horyn at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2009 (Getty Images)

I have such great admiration for the plethora of strong and successful women in the fashion journalism industry. One of the industry's greats, Cathy Horyn, is a classically-trained journalist who is urging fashion-writers to employ reporting skills to the writing process. Such a great piece! Check it out here.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Evening Inspirations

1. I'm convinced that Kate Beckinsale is an alien—no human can have hair that perfect. Here's to hoping that Eddie, my hairstylist, will be able to achieve this lush shade at my next appointment.

2. Nothing can be better than puppies and Chanel. Check out The Coveteur's roundup of rare Chanels. 

3. Every holiday party needs a signature cocktail. This cranberry ginger fizz cocktail may just be the winner this year.  

4. Such a gorgeous editorial.  Dioni Tabbers by Koray Birand for Vogue Spain. 

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Spirited Sequins

sequined blazer- Forever 21
silk top- Banana Republic
striped skirt- Forever 21
glittered belt- J. Crew
strappy sandals- Steve Madden
purse- Top Shop
bracelets- Forever 21, J. Crew, boutique

I'm on a constant search to finding solutions to cute night-time wear. And while I'm usually not one to jump on uber trendy items, I really couldn't help myself when I saw this sequined blazer at Forever 21. I was like a moth drawn to a flame. A very sparkly flame.

And in true fashion, it was uncharacteristically warm on the day that I decided to wear it. Figures.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall 2012 Review

Anyone that knows me knows that I am obsessed with Oscar de la Renta. The man is a genius. So while I fully intended on waking up early to catch the live streaming of Oscar de la Renta's Pre-Fall 2012 collection, like a Class-A goober, I slept through my snooze button. Fail whale.

Thankfully for OscarPRGirl, I was still able to watch the full show on their fab Tumblr page.

As expected, the show was magnificent. In my opinion, no one does ladylike luxe quite like Oscar. The collection was the perfect prequel to the darkly chic looks I expect from his Fall 2012 show. Unexpected pops of Bordeaux reds and girly pinks were the perfect punctuation to Oscar's elegant and classic silhouettes.

Here are my fav looks from the collection:

(Photo courtesy of WWD)

Gingham Gal

gingham shirt- J. Crew
pencil skirt- Banana Republic
tote- Phillip Lim
peep-toe pumps- Nine West
bracelets- J. Crew, Forever 21, boutiques

Happy Monday! This weekend went by far too quickly. Between getting ready for my big trip and catching up on much-needed errands, it was Sunday before I knew it! 

Like I've said before, my office isn't the most formal so I've been trying to find ways to add my own twist to a business casual wardrobe. That being said, today's outfit was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Kendi! She has the most fab style aesthetic and I absolutely love her ability to play with color and prints.

I hope y'all had a terrific weekend!

Retail Adventures

I've been on a major accessories kick lately. I'm pretty sure half of my office is sick of hearing my bracelets clang at my keyboard. 

A new dress I got for The Nutcracker at the SF Ballet this weekend with the gay hubby! 

 Rosette detailing up-close.

Have y'all made any fun recent purchases lately?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

How Crafty

Aaron and I have been living in this apartment for over four months now but we still aren't quite finished decorating the place. While my bedroom has been quite thoroughly girly-fied, (there isn't a single flat surface without a vase) the common areas are still rather bare. So a few weeks ago, I became fixated on the idea to create some simple and cute pieces to hang on our wall. I've been inspired by a lot of chevron prints lately and while the search for the perfect chevron-printed shirt/dress is still in progress, I decided to add a punch of whimsy and color with a few canvas prints. I decided on three of my favorite colors, a deep purple, pale lavender and mint-green.

Sometimes I get into unexplainable frenzies where I feel the need the urge to cook or clean or to a neurotic degree. So at about eleven on a Tuesday night, I was bored enough to start on this project and I couldn't stop. Before I knew it, it was two in the morning and I was sitting on an old towel in the middle of my room, in a mess of spilled paint and dirty paintbrushes. Pathetic, I know.

I'm certainly not an artist at all, so it goes to show how simple this project really was...  ;) It ended up better than I was expecting, so I'm planning on creating another piece for my momma's office as a personalized Christmas present.

I started off with three smaller-sized canvases. 

My make-shift paint palette... Janky, I know.

It took about a million layers (read: seven) of this gold paint to create the perfect background.

The finished product! (Without flash )


While I was at it, I also created another piece with my favorite Chanel quote.

No one says it quite like Chanel.

Have y'all tried any fun craft projects lately?

Friday, December 2, 2011

Chasing Pavements

dress- Forever 21
coat- Old Navy
bag- TopShop
heels- Steve Madden (from Nordstrom Rack)
necklace- Bauble Bar (get it here!)

I once read that throwing on a dress in the morning takes just as little thought as throwing on sweats. I couldn't agree more! Those mornings that I've hit the snooze button one too many times, I simply throw on one of my go-to dresses for a quick pulled-together look. (I'm saving up for a DVF wrap dress for this exact reason.)

Also, it's clear from this post that I have an obsession with stripes and Adele. In equal measure.

Happy weekend, y'all!